Lessons Learnt, Fuckups Made.


Getting back from Vegas last month I went into a hide away from the world phase.  I felt lost unsure of where I sat in this world.  I had gone through tremendous growth while I was away, but with this growth had come tremendous FuckUps!  Instead of focusing on my growth I wallowed in my…

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Re Discovering Me


  Looking back on old photos of a challenge I started just over two years ago, I am in disbelief. The girl staring back at me so miserable, unhappy not only with life but in herself. My weight was my safety blanket as a cuddly is to a baby, I used my weight to protect…

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WhiteLion Bailout

C&I magazine - Bail Out__800x511 (2)

In my prison whites and about to experience what our troubled youths go through when the system has had enough. I maybe smiling but this experience is quite surreal, the officers and wardens actors… But yet still scary and real… There is no lenancy for us prisoners, whitelion making sure we experience exactly what our…

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Learning How to Date and Fall in Love with YOU!


  Others who saw me would comment on how amazing I was, how beautiful, that I was such a great mum, woman, partner, friend, colleague.   But when I stood in front of my mirror I didn’t see that woman they were talking about, in fact I didn’t even know the person who was staring…

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Simple Steps to Help Face Your Fears


When I am afraid, I go into flight mode, I just want to curl up in the fetal position on my bed in the dark and hope that dreaded thing called Fear will just go away.   But the best thing you can do is face it head it on, so here are some tips to…

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Sister Survivor


I struggled on whether I would post this video or not. But this is me, this is where I have travelled. My past does not define me, but it shapes me into the person I need to become to change others lives. I share this with you not for sympathy or for pity. But to…

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Re-Igniting Your Inner Power


1.  Find your Universal Sisters Have you ever noticed that as much as you love being alone, you wish you had a tribe of women like the girls on Sex and the City, or Desperate Housewives?  Girls you can just hang with even if your in your PJ’s and no one judges you or even…

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